Ioanna and Lefteris are getting married in September 2020, in Pelion, Greece.

I must admit that their idea of having a pre-wedding photo shoot in London thrilled me! During Christmas, London is an exceptional choice for a romantic session, especially when the couple to be photographed is so in love and genuinely happy.

In the beginning of our session, I took some photos of them posing in their new house in South Greenwich, in order to celebrate the brand new start this elegant space signifies. On our way to the center of London we visited the neighborhood where they first met, a place full of sweet memories and emotions for both of them. Fortunately, the sky was clear and the sun was shining, so we enjoyed every minute of our walk without caring about the low temperatures.

If you are like me and happen to find yourself in London on Christmas, you will get fascinated by the thousands of lights shining in every corner and the festive, joyful atmosphere that makes you fall in love with this city instantly.

During our walk we had the opportunity to visit all the photograph-worthy places in London, such as the Tower Bridge & and the absolutely stunning Oxford Street with the seasonal street lights, where both Ioanna and Lefteris posed with utmost naturalness. I have to confess, this trip was one of 2019’s highlights!

Ioanna and Lefteris, thank you for all the great shots, the warm hospitality and the heartwarming smiles you shared with me.