The story of Max & Anja looks like a fairy tale that unites cultures & customs, with a common component, the mutual love of the two. She hails from Norway while he comes from Spain, but they met and fell in love in Mallorca. Their choice of marriage had to be as unique as their relationship is.

Both Anja and Max had a soft spot for Greece, so they chose to have their special wedding day in Villa Delenia in N. Evia.

The beauty of the environment with the idyllic view of the sea touching the horizon, created the ideal atmosphere for a romantic wedding, full of emotion and strong, photographic moments.

The newlyweds selected these very elegant apartments for themselves and their guests. The combination of wood and stone gave an earthy, vintage, and at the same time, elegant combination which was a great source of inspiration for me.

I made sure to photograph every moment of the couple’s preparation, focusing on the simplicity, harmony and brilliance that the two of them exuded.

From the preparation, to the wedding ceremony, the party that followed and the photographing of the children overlooking the deep blue, the wedding of & nbsp; Anja & nbsp; & amp; of & nbsp; Max & nbsp; was a great celebration, with all that entails. Laughter, joy, emotion, dance and a liberated audience that had fun with their soul from the first to the last moment of the day.

This wedding is etched in my mind as one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had as a photographer, full of special and authentic moments.

Max & Anja, thank you for the trust and for the special honor that you gave me by selecting me to photograph the most important day of your life together.